We brought a fresh perspective to Krowmark’s direct mail campaign. As a result of our free advice and new ideas, Krowmark are enjoying a large increase in enquiries while keeping costs down.

The client

Krowmark is an award-winning workwear company supplying high quality clothing, accessories and protective wear to a range of industries. Workwear can be customised, using embroidery or print, and their wide ranging target markets include catering, security, health & beauty, construction, engineering, sports and many more besides. They also offer office and business-wear.

The challenge

Krowmark was already proactive in direct mail marketing, using regular postcard mailings to stay in touch with customers. This allowed them to cross-sell new products from their extensive range. Their direct mail solution was a straightforward, staggered bulk mail release, using separate suppliers for lithographic print and mailing.

When they discovered The Mailing People through our in-house print company, Bishops Printers, they realised that there could be a way of making mailing more efficient and more effective. We showed them how.

The Mailing People's Solution

We realised instantly that Krowmark had a brilliant opportunity at their fingertips to increase the impact of their direct mail campaign. We recommended using variable image personalisation alongside variable text. This meant that instead of simply overprinting their bulk mail postcards with address information, we were able to add enticing imagery, showing customers exactly how Krowmark’s products would look with specific design for their business.

How we do it

Because Krowmark’s business is customising garments with names and corporate logos, we knew that they already had most of their customers’ logos on file. We explained how we could position, auto-size and print each customer’s logo, so that it appeared on the product being promoted in the postcard. For example, we could show a picture of a chef’s jacket embroidered with the logo for The Tree Top Bakery, and send it to the manager of The Tree Top Bakery.

We also recommended changing the size of the direct mail postcard, as we felt this would make the most of the personalised imagery without increasing the bulk mail postage costs.

Another idea we threw into the mix was for us to segment their data geographically. This would enable Krowmark to tailor their message specifically to each local market. For example,  they could use variable text and telephone numbers to track responses.

The result

A staggering 71% increase in monthly enquiries!

According to Krowmark’s Marketing Manager this far outweighed the 5 pence increase in fulfilment costs per postcard. A further bonus has been the positive impact on brand perception. Feedback from clients, including Trust Pilot reviews, have commented on how Krowmark’s attention to detail and excellent quality even extends to their marketing.

“Quality is the number one priority at Krowmark, so we really appreciate the effort The Mailing People go to in order to make sure everything is just right..."

“If they notice anything out of the ordinary my lovely account manager will alert me straight away. It means a lot to know that I have that back-up, and it is just one of the reasons why I won’t consider looking elsewhere for my print, mailing and fulfilment.” Louise Catterall, Krowmark Marketing Manger. 

Our accreditations, because peace of mind matters.