Direct Mail News 9/11/18: BT Used Targeted Mail to Surprise and Switch Broadband Customers

BT knew there were specific geographic areas where its broadband Infinity speeds were faster than its competitors and identified an opportunity to steal market share.

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4 Old-School Marketing Techniques that Still Do Wonders for Businesses

Since digital marketing skyrocketed to fame, a lot of businesses have scrambled to be part of it, dropping their old marketing strategies for new ones that promised them huge returns. But the truth is, online marketing isn’t as effective as everyone expects it to be. In fact, the average display conversion rate for pay-per-click advertising is just at 1% this year and Facebook organic reach is at a mere 2%. Email marketing is effective but only if your email doesn’t get lost in the middle of 121 emails that prospects get daily.

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Marketing with Postcards: Taking Real Estate Marketing Old School

Marketing with postcards may seem like an incredibly old-fashioned way of getting the word out about your real estate business in the age of digital advertising. However, this tried-and-true marketing method is still an excellent way to grow your realty brand. Here’s what you need to know about marketing with postcards.

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Direct Marketing Services Market by 2025: Industry Shares, Revenue, Dealers, Consumption, Manufacturers

Direct Marketing Services Market provides complete attention on major industry drivers, opportunities, challenges, and their impact on market growth during the forecast period. Direct Marketing Services Market analysis report speaks about the manufacturing process. The process is analyzed thoroughly with respect to four points manufacturers, regional analysis, segment by type and segment by applications and the actual process of whole Direct Marketing Services industry.

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