Premiership Football Club

Premiership Football Club

If you’re a Premiership football club, it goes without saying that you’re all about getting the best results. Find out how our creative approach tackled exacting requirements and scored an £18,000 cost saving into the bargain.

The client

Players and managers are headline news, but when it comes to their chosen direct mail company, this Premier League football club values our discretion. Suffice to say that the club is a regular customer of The Mailing People and we really enjoy being part of their team.

The challenge

The Premiership club sends out membership packs that contain a number of promotional items. These items vary greatly in size, shape and weight. The challenge was to find a new fulfilment and mailing solution which would pack the items so as to comply with changes to Royal Mail’s sorted packet service. The aim was for membership packs to meet the revised ‘Large Letter’ postal specification, regardless of the promotional items a package would contain.

The Mailing People’s Solution

We completely re-engineered the club’s mailing fulfilment.

We began by reducing the depth of the pack through the creation of a new packing method. This enabled us to off-set the bulkier items, such as bag buckles and scarves, against the depth of smaller merchandise. This was easier said than done, but through a combination of ingenuity and thorough testing, we did it!

Next, we reduced the overall pack dimensions to fall within the postal specifications. This meant every piece of merchandise had to be folded, collated and packed exactly to the last millimeter – for 15,000 packs. That’s precision in action and shows just how important a creative approach is when it comes to direct mail.

The result

We saved the club more than £18,000 in postal charges. That’s a clear win for a very happy customer. The fans were happy too – each member received a beautifully presented membership pack, right on time for the season.

Our accreditations, because peace of mind matters.