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Direct Mail

Direct mail fulfilment solutions whatever the size
or complexity of your UK and international mailing projects.


Saving you money on print, fulfilment, and postage

From small quantities of simple letters, straightforward mailshots, postcards and self-mailers, to bulk mail and complex fulfilment, with variable personalisation throughout. Our energy and focus is on delivering the best direct mail services.

By involving us right at the start of your campaign planning, we can help you and your designers to develop concepts and collateral that are cost-efficient, as well as creative and engaging. Our expertise is free.

A complete service

We can also create and produce your entire campaign from start to finish. Though our sister company, The Graphic Design House, we have access to 8 experienced in-house designers to give you a rich creative resource in a seamless service. The often work alongside in-house designers as a flexible and expert resource, and have a fantastic track record across sectors. If that's something you'd like to explore, do get in touch!

Getting it right from the start

The best direct mail campaigns are cost-efficient and begin with accurate data. By allowing us to audit your records while you’re still finalising the design, you could save hundreds of pounds. In some cases, thousands!

We can identify data quality issues such as mailing preference blocks, incomplete addresses, ceased trading, gone-aways etc. Then, using our leading-edge data cleansing tools, we can correct and remove the affected records to leave you with an accurate, mail distribution list. Not only can it save you money on print, fulfilment and postage, especially on repeat mailings, it will improve your direct mail metrics. Our data audits are free.


Membership packs and hand fulfilment

For membership packs and custom projects that combine variable shapes, weights and thicknesses, we offer a bespoke hand fulfilment service. This is always carefully engineered to minimise pack size and weight, to keep postage costs down.

Simple mailshots

Postcards are one of the cheapest and most visible mailshot options. They work brilliantly to deliver offers, promotional reminders and to introduce your business to a new audience. We can produce large print runs cost effectively using our litho printing service, or use digital printing for smaller quantities and variable image/data campaigns.

Direct mail near me

With so many direct mailing companies in the UK to choose from, finding the right match can feel challenging. If reducing your carbon footprint is important to you, then you may be tempted to search for ‘direct mail near me’. However, a more environmentally friendly solution would be to work with direct mailing companies able to produce your entire campaign in-house. Checking their Google reviews will help you decide if they’re the right partner for you.

 "Your service has been fabulous.   Across all contact points it has been an easy journey, very clear briefings/communications, approval process.  I really appreciate you pulling out the stops to get the table talkers printed in time, despite the late artwork approval.  And everything has arrived here neatly packed and presented ready to go, ahead of time. 

 My colleague Chantelle recommended your services and I have wondered why we didn’t connect that you could do a wider range than we expected before!

 Anyhow, by far the best service I have used.  I would have every confidence using you every time in the future."

Caroline Hillier, Boomerang Media

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4.9 on Google

Amanda Montagu


2 months ago

I was so pleased with the service I received from The Mailing People in particular the patient support from Rachel our assigned project manager. They went above and beyond to help make sure that our postcard direct mail-out was exactly how we wanted it and I was very impressed with the quality of the finished product. I will definitely be working with them again for all our future mail-out campaigns.

Jermyn Street Design


a month ago

Rachel from the Mailing People did a brilliant job. She was very helpful with our order. Fairly priced and quick turnaround. Will use again :)

Rowans Hospice


3 weeks ago

The Mailing People have helped us with some of our recent print and mailing requirements. Their team has been knowledgeable, reliable and supportive, and no ask was too big or too small. Great customer service.



3 months ago

Rachel was a fantastic help during a slightly chaotic project. The communication was great, quality lovely and more cost-effective than our previous supplier. Thank you. :)

Cobweb Marketing


a week ago

Everything was well organised. Quick getting in contact and fulfilling your order! Thank you.

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How we can help



We’ll keep your litho and digital print costs to a minimum without compromising quality or risking your mail campaign schedule with our in-house printing.



Let us save you money on postage. Our specialist expertise and access to multiple postal and distribution channels means tailored solutions that achieve the best results for your campaigns.



Achieve more from your mail marketing using variable data and image personalisation. We make it easy to do, cost effective and your campaign will deliver measurably better results.



Choose from a full suite of options including: automated folding, finishing, enclosing, biodegradable polywrapping and bespoke hand fulfilment.


Data Cleansing

The starting point for cost-efficient print and mailing, data cleansing is a core part of our service. You can use it whether or not you go on to place an order with us.



Available in biodegradable or recyclable polythene, polywrap's light weight, versatile and protective properties make it a popular choice for membership packs, publication and catalogue mailings.

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Letchworth Garden City Heritage Foundation


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Much has changed since 23rd March 2020. For many it has altered how we work and connect with each other. What has been the effect on the use of direct mail and what are the implications for your organisation?

As consumers, what matters to us has changed.

McKinsey reports the pandemic has fostered a preference for trusted brands. We want authenticity and connection. That’s good news for direct mail marketing. It’s in our nature to trust what we can touch and feel.  During the pandemic, trust in addressed mail has actually increased. At the same time, trust in digital advertising channels, including search, display and social media has declined.

Advertising mail has remained the third largest media channel in the United Kingdom.

Worth an estimated £1.7bn annually. The benefits of mail haven’t gone away. Nearly every piece of mail (95%) is read, opened or filed, which is probably one of the reasons campaigns that include direct mail marketing are still significantly outperforming those that don't.

Consumers are looking at their mail for longer.

29% longer at weekends and 4% longer during the week. The average time we spend reading an email is just 12 seconds. Compare that to almost a quarter of an hour spent with our weekday delivery of direct mail, and more than half an hour at the weekend. Hybrid working means more of us are at home, more of the time and we’re browsing through our mail at a more leisurely pace. We read, we absorb, we share. What’s also interesting is that two in three consumers are keeping mail from their businesses as a reminder to take action. 

More of us are experiencing digital overload since the pandemic.

Constantly connected, and bombarded with marketing messages and notifications, our brains are tired. Our attention span is suffering. It’s getting harder for digital marketing messages to cut through. The best direct mail distibution, especially addressed mail with personalisation, is reportedly more potent than ever.

Physical mail has proven to be a lot more memorable than email.

49% more memorable, and 35% more memorable than social media advertising. Engagement too is significantly higher. 33% higher than email and 35% higher than social media advertising. It’s all down to the physical properties of direct mail and how our brain and senses interact with it.

More than ever, direct mail marketing is amplifying other channels.

A recent report by Royal Mail Marketreach found that consumers who received a piece of direct mail subsequently spend 30% longer dwelling on that brand’s social media. The memory recall of a social media advert gains a 44% boost if the consumer has received direct mail from the brand.

Organisations' data hasn’t kept pace with changes.

Organisations have closed. Hybrid working has seen others down-size and move premises. People have re-evaluated their career choices and changed jobs and employers. They’ve moved house. Some have died. Some have been made redundant, promoted or taken on new responsibilities.

Accurate data is at the heart of every successful direct mail campaign. Since the pandemic, this has become more of a challenge. There’s a greater risk that out-of-date data will adversely affect costs, your return on investment and brand perception. Perhaps now is a good time to give your data a free data health check with the expert support of our data services team, and optimise your mail distribution?

Our customers believe that we’re one of the best direct mail companies in the UK. That’s reassuringly evident from the Goole reviews they leave us. For direct mail services wrapped up with exceptional customer service, get in touch.


UK advertising budgets hit by COVID-19 but recovery lies ahead: survey; Reuters, January 21, 2021. Driving Effectiveness with Direct Mail, by WARC, 2021. The Value of Mail in Uncertain Times, Royal Mail Marketreach. Private Life of Mail, Royal Mail Marketreach

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