News Roundup 12/10/18: Direct Mail Marketing Is Far From Dead

Direct Mail Marketing Is Far From Dead

Direct marketing, contrary to popular belief, actually performs very well across all age demographics, particularly due to evolving targeting techniques. About 75% of households at least scan direct mail advertisements, per the U.S. Postal Service. Direct mail has the higher response rate compared to digital methods.

Financial services companies are the highest users of direct mail, with 71% of banks and credit unions using this method, according to the DMA Response Rate Report 2016 by Deborah Haskel, precisely because it is effective. Think about how many Capital One and other big brand card company direct mailers you receive in a week. They know it works.

That also means, however, that financial institutions must be on message for their brand, marketing must speak appropriately to different borrowers, and they must be creative to distinguish themselves from the pack. Nearly half of companies (46%) plan to maintain their direct mailing levels, while another 35% plan to increase.

Modern data analytics and targeting make direct mail offers even more worthwhile to financial institutions and their recipients.

For more information on why direct marketing is thriving on the digital sphere, you can read the full article here.

Consent for direct marketing must be specific

A recent penalty issued by the Information Commissioner (ICO) on 3 September 2018 serves as a reminder of just how specific consent must be, when used to justify marketing by e-mail.

Under the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003, direct marketing may be sent by e-mail to individuals (that is, to a non-business e-mail address) only if a) the individual has consented, or b) the marketing is being sent to someone whose details have been obtained in the course of a sale, the marketing is for the same business’s similar products and services, and the individual is given a simple means of refusing use of their details for marketing purposes.

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Use Big Data to Launch a Direct Marketing Strategy That Works

We live in a society driven heavily by numbers, analytics and cold, hard facts. Big data is particularly vital for companies eager to supercharge their marketing efforts and gain an advantage over the competition. That’s because consumers have become increasingly selective in the products and services they buy as well as the messages they read or listen to.

From text messages to emails to direct mail, shoppers are constantly bombarded with promotional material. The reality is that much of it is completely ignored. Using correlated data in direct mail marketing is essential, to understand why, you can continue reading Customer Think’s article here.

Postal and Parcel Technology International Award winners to be announced at POST-EXPO 2018

The winners of this year’s Postal and Parcel Technology International Awards will be announced at an awards ceremony taking place during POST-EXPO 2018. The ceremony, which will be held at 5:00pm on Wednesday, October 10 in Upper Hall B at Hamburg Messe, will celebrate the best innovations and achievements in the postal and parcel sector over the past year.

This year’s awards shortlist is dominated by new autonomous technologies, including voice-controlled logistics, robotic sorting and delivery drones.

The New Business Diversification of the Year category has also showcased how posts are being creative in generating new revenue streams, including 3D printing, luggage delivery and road traffic monitoring. For the full article from Postal and Parcel Technology Limited, click here.

Bishops Printers and The Mailing People Mail Over 58,000 Items on World Post Day!

The Mailing People alongside Bishops Printers mailed over 58,000 items on World Post Day. The day is celebrated every year on October 9th and was created to raise awareness regarding the importance of posts’ role in our day-to-day lives.