#DMPersonalisation: It's not all about e-mails! Direct Mail can be personalised too

Email or direct mail? Which do you think is the best tool for successful mail marketing? Are you one of those people who believes that direct mail is a throwback to the 20th century and that any modern successful business does it all by email?

Then think again.

The truth is that direct mail reaches the parts that email can’t. The returns speak for themselves. Here’s why it’s time to re-think direct mailing personalisation if you want to take your marketing to the next level.

Impressive physique

Direct mail has physical impact. There’s unlimited scope to make more of a difference between items. Most emails, unopened in your inbox, look the same. That means they may well be deleted before opening, no matter how enticing the contents.

Direct mail is different. It can show originality and inspire a response the minute it lands on the mat.

Look at me!

Direct mail can be passed around and displayed. Okay, so you can pass around an email by forwarding it, but when it comes to display, direct mail has an outstanding advantage. Exciting imagery, alluring design – apply these to direct mail and it’s something that’s pinned to a notice board or stuck on a fridge as a constant reminder to take action, whether that’s making a purchase, signing up for something or any other action.

Yours for keeps

Yes, you can keep an email, buried in a folder somewhere in cyberspace. But really, how many of those kept emails ever see the light of day again? Keeping something physical, like direct mail, means that it’s far more likely to be looked at again. And again. And acted on.

Make it personal

Whereas most email marketing templates are fairly simple, digital printing allows more scope for personalisation when using direct mail. As we’ve seen from earlier blogs, personalisation has a major impact on the returns you can expect from a mailing campaign.

Create a longer life

Did you know that the average lifespan of an email is 2 seconds?  That makes the 24-hour lifetime of a mayfly seem like a pretty good stretch.

Direct mail, on the other hand, can settle into a sumptuous average lifespan of 17 days. That’s a HUGE difference when it comes to time and attention spent on the mailing’s contents and the likelihood of revisiting it.

Memories are made of this

Memories are made better when information is physical, not virtual. When shown both types of marketing communication, just 44% of people could recall the brand directly after seeing digital marketing compared to a winning 75% who looked at direct mail.


We’ve saved the best till last. The best possible response rate is the ultimate aim of all marketing campaigns.

According to The Royal Mail, on average, direct mail pushes up return on investment from £2.81 to £3.40 for every £1 spent. That’s a significantly better return, no contest.

Have our facts and figures made you re-think your approach to mail marketing? If you want to find out more about how direct mail can help your business, give us a call at The Mailing People on 02393 850 396.