Why Personalisation is Key to Your Direct Mail

Enhance Your Direct Mail With Personalisation

Long gone are the days of plain white envelopes addressing the recipient as ‘Homeowner’ or ‘Occupier’. Personalising direct mail is all about engaging the customer as soon as the mail is pushed through their letterbox. Regardless of what service or product you’re offering, tailoring the design to your audience’s interests and needs is at the top of your priorities.

We Only Invest in the Latest Tech

The digital world and print world are constantly evolving and it’s important we keep ahead of the curve.

  • We use a Videojet 4320 for personalising many of our envelopes. The 4320 is renowned for its ability to deliver exceptional inkjet addressing and imaging swiftly and effectively - saving us time and you money.
  • Our AMS M1 Colour Envelope Printer makes high-end personalised and variable data easy. And with print quality reaching up to 1600 DPI, you can guarantee your mail will burst with colour.
  • We also use two stigma polywrapping lines, meaning your mail is instantly seen thanks to the polywrapping’s transparent design. Our fastest polywrapping machine can wrap up to 10 items at a speed of up to 6,000 items per hour.

Personalised Mail Builds Relationships

Customers care about being cared about. That’s one of the main reasons we encourage all our clients to consider personalising their mail to align with their audience’s requirements and build a lasting relationship. From addressing your recipients by name to include offers, promotions and information relevant to their interests, personalised direct mail is one of the most important factors to implement in your campaign. Make your customers feel valued and show you care by designing mail that addresses their needs and speaks to them personally and watch your ROI skyrocket.

Personalised Mail is More Professional

If your mail is personalised, it’s likely your audience will take more of an interest and at the same time, make your company look more professional. Recipients enjoy customised mail, especially if the envelope is customised, as it’s far less formal than a standard white envelope and it’s more appealing to open.

If you have information on your recipients’ past purchases or interests, you can mould this information into your design to engage your customers and drive a conversion.

Creative Direct Mail Campaigns Improve ROI

Direct mail response rates have increased year-on-year by 43%, with prospect response rates increasing in the same time frame by a staggering 190%. Additionally, DMA’s 2017 report claims that giving a user a personalised experience suggests that 56% of those customers are more likely to make a purchase or act on the call to action. Plus, information displayed on, or as an image is 65% more likely to be remembered after three days, in contrast to just 10% of information being remembered when hearing it. The DMA encourages mailing companies to invest in creative direct mail campaigns. When testing neuro-marketing research in relation to direct mail, the DMA discovered that:

  • Get to the point: humans have a notoriously low attention span, so direct mail marketing designs have to resonate and make an immediate impact with the recipient if they’re going to act.
  • Sell with imagery: our brains are far better at processing imagery than they are with text. If you’re looking to make a lasting impression, talk with images, and keep text short, simple and actionable.
  • Plain and simple is best: visuals and snappy text is the way forward. While you may want to tell your business’ life story to the recipient, your direct mail piece is not the place to do that. Direct mail campaigns should be snappy and straight to the point, don’t overcomplicate things.

Want Help Personalising your Mail?

We’d love to put our personalisation expertise and ideas to work for your direct mail projects, so get in touch today to find out how we can transform your direct mail campaign. The Mailing People specialise in bespoke, personalised direct mail and we know how to help your campaign flourish. Don’t know where to start with your design? We can help! We will walk you through the entire personalisation process, from start to finish. So, give us a call today to kickstart your personalised direct mail campaign with our friendly team.

Written by Kristian Harrison, General Manager at The Mailing People. Kristian is an industry professional with over 20 years experience in Direct Mail and Fulfilment.